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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Theme - Entry 1

Is there a PhD in cooking? I would strongly consider culinary school as another option. I realized that cooking combines my two favorite things, which are science and creativity. It’s actually quiet a rare combination and it tends to make me go into a zone where al my neurons are humming along and I’m quiet content. I can fiddle with formulas and write down what I did and then decide on what size and color plate to use, how to arrange the product, etc.
I guess architecture and some other fields might provide a similar combination of the logical/rational and the creative/artistic, but I imagine that much of the science in architecture is left up to engineers rather than the building designer. Maybe I’m wrong about that.
Anyway, I’d figure out some way to get a PhD in cooking. Then I’d ask Alton Brown to sign my diploma.


Katie said...

I would love to get a PhD in cooking, and still toy with the idea of veering more in that direction. I love it because it's science, but you can see it and taste it as you go along. There's no precise protocol that must be followed (even in baking, where messing with the recipe often gives you a different result, but it's usually edible). And the ultimate relaxation technique for me is kneading bread.

Double Doc said...

It seems that are stars have been aligned yet again. I seriously considered Culinary Arts as a vocation for at time. I love the freedom to more freely combine art and experimentation. I am currently working on the perfect pizza and the ulitmate burger.

e-technology said...

It seems that are stars have been aligned yet again.