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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Theme Post 2

Science should take a step back and question the assumptions it's been operating under. Last week I went to a science museum and noticed a group of kids playing with wands and a tray full of bubble solution. All of the adults were keeping a good distance because they were afraid to get soapy and thought they knew exactly how the bubbles would behave. But far too often we make assumptions about the general principles, and that gets us in trouble when we try to understand minute details based on incorrect assumptions. We should question these basic assumptions and not be afraid to get a little soapy in the process. And if the kids are any indication, we'll have more fun in the process.

-Katie N

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Theme Post 1

I would like the scientific community to commit itself to a period of rejuvenation. In my mind, scientists are the original great explorers and at times, it seems exploration into uncharted waters is too often sacrificed for whatever will minimize risk. I want science to resolve to renew their dedication to the expansion of all horizons of knowledge. Of course, this is a massive task. Science has become a big business and like in other corporations, shareholders demand a maximum return for a minimal investment. Science must resolve to emphasize the necessity of risk, exploration, and the hidden dangers of gaining some small increase in value at the expensive of laying the foundation for much larger and sustained long-term gains.


January Theme

Scientific Resolutions –
Resolutions are normally a very personal experience. However, in a relatively small field like the academic sciences perhaps the entire community can resolve to improve itself.