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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Theme & Entry 1

We recently had a lively research forum discussion about funding in science. For me one of the most interesting ideas that came up was that of refining the grant application process to eliminate personal biases.

Dr. Kreulen prompted us to continue thinking about funding in science and I would like to continue the discussion here on the blog.

I will start by saying that if we were attempting to improve the grant review process; I think the first step is to decide, in very loose terms, by what criteria a grant should and shout not be reviewed. Can we form a list of factors that should be considered and a list of factors that we would prefer not be considered? Some items might require a bit of explanation and that’s fine. This is just brainstorming. I will start and I encourage everyone to continue the lists in their comments:

Grant should be review based on:

Quality of idea – Will the proposed experiments contribute significant, meaningful content to the scientific community regard (insert granting institutions particular agenda here).