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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Theme

This month the NSP blog isn’t going to have a theme so much as a… goal?
The goal is to get a job. No matter what delusions you may have had when you entered graduate school, upon your exit you are face with the fact that your age:income ratio is not anywhere near most of your friends and it becomes apparent that you need a job. What kind of job? Where that job will be (I’m still hoping for the Caribbean)? What will it pay?? Those are topics for future conversations. What I’d like to begin now is a collec-tion of job hunting resources. If you know of a website where PhDs might want to look for jobs, post it in the comments. Do you know a company that is hiring? Is there a page that helps neuroscientists find jobs overseas? Do you have some general advice about the process? Let us know!

Think of this as a brain dump. Any ideas are welcome. Over time we’ll sort through them and filter it down to the most useful, but for now just comment away.