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Friday, March 6, 2009

March Theme - Post 1

It is interesting that I am writing this blog so soon after Richard Dawkins visited campus. This topic is actually something that I have thought about for a long time. Anybody who has taken a general biology course has heard the quote: “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” (Theodosius Dobzhansky – evolutionary geneticist). This statement remains controversial to this day ‘in light’ of the fact that we live in a largely religious world. The clash of creationism and evolution is something that I personally had an internal struggle with in my life. Being brought up in a Christian home I was taught that God created the ‘heavens and earth’ and formed them in the state they currently reside. In class I was taught that the current state of things was the product of billions of years of successive cause and effect. There are those that try to meet in the middle ground with the idea of Intelligent Design. However, in my life I have found that route ultimately unsatisfying. Why did God allow so much redundancy and some much ‘slop’ in biological processes and proteins if he was ‘directing’ the evolution of such? On the other hand, is it truly possible that evolution could have ‘selected’ for the thousands and thousands of protein interactions and a created such a complex system as the human psyche? These questions still remain, but ultimately I find myself choosing either one side or the other (sometimes depending on the day). The internal struggle continues…….

-Tyrell S.

March Theme

Internal Struggle…..
Life naturally lends itself to struggle. In many ways that is what has created us. It is easy to identify the external struggles of the life and times around us. However, we as humans are in a somewhat unique position to discuss an unusual struggle…..the one within.